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We love pictures of trains. We also love plays on light. So we reaaaally love the long-exposure shots of San Francisco photographer Aaron Durand, who manages to make the city’s commuter trains look like a phaser shootout in Star Trek.

The impressive part: He does it without any fancy equipment or Photoshop trickery. He just hangs around Caltrain tracks (places he knows well from his salad days photographing graffiti art), aims his camera at an oncoming train, then pops open the shutter, letting light pour in for seconds on end as the train hurtles past. The slow shutter speed is what produces those ghostly streaks of light.

Durand shoots almost exclusively at night, which is the best time of day for snapping long exposures; the darker your background, the more dramatic your light trails. It also heightens the sense that you’re not looking at San Francisco at all, but rather some sort of dystopian industrial wasteland, stardate 5920.

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