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[SitM: concept cars are so cool. It’s too bad the vast majority of them never see the light of day]

Ferrari invited Coolhunting to their headquarters in Maranello, Italy to see the work of the seven finalists in their year-long World Design Contest.

The contest tasked the students with devising a concept car design with the brief to reduce fuel consumption and the car’s overall weight in order to increase driving pleasure. The teams used Autodesk’s Alias industrial design software, completing concepts first in renderings before generating 3D models. Each team displayed three different designs.

Beating out 299 schools and taking home first place was the Transportation Design team at Seoul’s Hongik University, who developed a “hyper efficient” two seat Ferrari. Dubbed Eternità, the carbon-fiber super barchetta features a layered carbon powertrain, physical flywheel energy storage system, superconductive motor and a hydrogen generator.

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