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Don’t need to say much about this man. One of the most influential composers of all time.

20,000 people attended Beethoven’s funeral in Vienna. While that doesn’t quite match the 1 million at Michael Jackson’s funeral parade in Los Angeles, Beethoven died in a different era, before multimedia.

Like any good little piano student, St(br)ainless and Mr. Technology both play Moonlight Sonata. It’s an incredibly beautiful and haunting piece of work. On the other hand, Fur Elise drives St(br)ainless nuts. All the piano teachers in his hometown had their charges playing it, plus a college girlfriend made him learn it. A song better be %#^&@! spectacular if it’s to be heard a million times and Fur Elise, while good, doesn’t quite get over the bar.

We digress. Beethoven. The Immortal.