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Miles Davis was perhaps the most influential musician in jazz. Whenever he took a left turn, much of the rest of the jazz world followed, like a herd of lemmings. He was on the vanguard of 5 different movements: bebop, cool jazz, hard bop, modal jazz, and jazz fusion. It’s a bit of an unmatched resume.

In 2009, the US Congress declared Kind of Blue to be a national treasure.

Miles was an artist to the core. He was always looking to do something new, something on the edge. At the end of his life, he collaborated with the British new wave movement and experimented with synthesizers and drum loops. St(br)ainless firmly believes that had he lived longer (he died in 1991) he would have eventually veered into hip hop or EDM. Miles was a big thinker, he was able to see beyond the minutiae of his current work and feel the space occupied by that which had not yet been created.