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OK, it’s easy to imagine you thinking, “great – some more Apple fanboys”, but that’s not the case at all. The Soul in the Machine rig runs on Windows based PCs and the design work and even this website was built using Windows based machines. Our Windows based machines work great and we like them.

So why Steve Jobs?

It’s not because he’s made two companies into multi-billion dollar enterprises (Apple and Pixar). It’s not that he created the PC market, took over the music player market with the ipod, or revolutionized the smartphone market. Those are business accomposhments and we could just as well be influenced by Bill Gates in that regard.

The most salient characteristic about Jobs (to us) is his emphasis on minimalism in his philosophy. Apple has fine-tuned their R&D, product development and product release process to an unmatched degree. Every product they release is of the highest level of desirability to the consumer. They don’t waste energy and resources releasing clunkers. And the foundation of it all is Jobs’ focus on minimalism, design and the customer experience. In his words “what you don’t do is as important as what you do”.

The result is “elegant” products. Not just elegant in a visual way, which they are, but elegant in the engineering parlance – accomplishing the most with the least.

Soul in the Machine has not always met this standard in the past (we’ve built some clunker instruments and written some mediocre songs), but it is something we’ve been thinking about for a few years now and it’s something to which we aspire in the future.