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The laserharp, first constructed in 2002, was SitM’s first instrument which was a “keeper”. The concept is simple: break a beam and the laserharp sends a MIDI “note-on” message to the synthesizer. The laserharp is fully programmable and it can be set to trigger any sound along with the ability to be set to a nearly infinite number of tunings. Initially, it used red lasers and primitive circuitry, later on the circuitry was upgraded and green lasers replaced the red ones. In 2008 we added even more powerful green lasers which required cooling units – we went overboard and put in a totally unecessary liquid cooling system, complete with radiator and circulation pump. This was dismantled due to weight issues in 2009 and the cooling system was modified to passive air cooling. In the latest revision, laserharp 1.5, the structure is modular (it comes apart) and the aiming system had been upgraded to “aim and set”. The modularity isn’t important to the audience, but it’s important to us since we don’t have to use an 8’x7’x3′ case to get it around anymore. Now it fits into a relatively small case and international gigs are finally on the menu.