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Mr. Technology and St(br)ainless design the physical instruments, lighting controllers and their personal costumes in Soul in the Machine. Generally, Mr. Technology designs nearly anything machined out of aluminum along with the custom embedded electronics while St(br)ainless designs and leads the fabrication of the stainless steel instrument structures and sculptures.

Mr. Technology uses Solidworks (3D modeling software geared towards mechanical engineering) in his solid modeling and nearly everything he builds is designed in Solidworks first. St(br)ainless also uses Solidworks, but not nearly as extensively. Much of what St(br)ainless does is freeform. Both methods work and SitM’s designers have very little conflict in their design reviews. They know what the other guy is knowledgable about and tend to stay out of each other’s way. St(br)ainless is struck by how short SitM’s meetings are compared to his experiences in meetings within other organizations. In the name of efficiency, it definitely behooves to pick team members based upon not just talent, but also upon the ability to achieve mutual understanding.