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St(br)ainless and Mr. Technology met Matt Sadauckas when he raced for the UCSD Cycling Team. Matt was getting his Masters in Philosophy but he probably spent more time training for racing than studying. Later he went and raced the kermesse circuit in Belgium. Matt had some handy mechanical skills which he learned in his childhood (Sadauckas Sr. is a Porsche mechanic) and SitM hired him to help with fabrication. He worked for Soul in the Machine full-time during 2007-2009 at the San Diego/Barrio Logan warehouse phase. He was the jack-of-all-trades during this time doing everything from shop organization to learning CNC machining. His proudest piece of work was his fabrication of the Mr. Technology-designed telescoping crane which lifted instruments to the 2nd deck of the double decker stage. The crane has a 19 foot reach, yet is able to be next into a compact 6’6″ package so that it fits into the truck, enabling it to be transported along with the rest of the rig to gig sites. During his time at SitM, Matt was also taking engineering classes since his Masters of Philosophy was not that useful for employment and he ended up parlaying his school and his work experience at SitM into a career as a Process Engineer. He now works for Fifth Axis CNC in San Diego, California.

In the photo, Matt is displaying his natural animal magnetism.