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With regards to fabrication, St(br)ainless spent his formative years assembling Tamiya models, painting them up so they looked realistic and making dioramas. Later on, he was an avid bike racer and learned how to make bicycle frames. Later on this segued into the design and fabrication of stainless steel furniture which eventually became a business. When the concept of Soul in the Machine twinkled into existence, it was a natural fit to use St(br)ainless design and fabrication skills to use in the creation of SitM’s custom instruments. St(br)ainless does most of the welding on SitM’s instruments and costumes, but when there’s a heavy workload, other talented welders/fabricators are brought in to help. Not very many welders are skilled enough to do TIG welding on the thin-wall (as thin as 0.020 inches) tubing SitM prefers. We were lucky to have had Matt and Andy on board when the workload’s been really heavy (ex: the fabrication of the drumwall).

The key tools in St(br)ainless’ “toolbox” are not that many. A Miller Syncrowave 350LX welder, a Taurin Group hydraulic tube bender, a Scotchman cold saw, Solidworks CAD modeling software, a Fein GRIT notcher and assorted common bench grinders, belt sanders and angle grinders. It’s not a cheap setup but the whole lot is less expensive than the Haas VF-4 CNC we sold last year (downsized and brought in Howard Kveck to do CNC work at his shop).